• VIS 400 with tablet photo VIS 400 Scope with Windows Tablet
    The VIS 400-HDP Fiber Inspection Scope is fully compatible with the InSpec Mobile application from ODM, allowing for touch-friendly use on tablets running Windows 8.1. Combine the touch-based user interface with ODM’s proprietary external focus system and automated PASS/FAIL technology for the simplest inspection experience on the market.
  • TTK 650 Test Kit TTK 650 Test Kit
    Featuring ODM’s VIS 400 inspection scope paired with an 8” Dell tablet, the TTK 650 field test kit delivers portable and effective fiber testing at an affordable price.
  • TTK 500 Test, Inspection  Scope TTK 500 Test Kit
    Everything you need to test, inspect and clean fiber optic endfaces in one comprehensive test kit. The TTK 500 Test Kit features video inspection with USB for data download to your computer, includes power meter with streaming data software, both LED and Laser light sources, as well as cables, adapters and cleaning items for single mode and multimode testing.
  • "OTR 500/700 OTDR OTR 500/700 OTDRs
    The OTR 500/700 Optical Time Domain Reflectometers allow for a variety of fiber testing options with PASS/FAIL analysis. These units perform all necessary calculations and allow technicians to view and save test results wirelessly via Bluetooth on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • InSpec Software inSpec Mobile Wireless Inspection System
    inSpec Mobile features a high-definition camera and wireless access point allowing technicians to inspect and test fiber endfaces. Free touch-based software provides clear images streamed directly to wireless smartphones and tablets.
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New Products ODM introduces OPM Data Manager 

The OPM Data Manager allows technicians to download optical test data from the RP-460 optical power meter with a single push of a button. The resulting may be viewed, exported to Excel or Word, or saved to a PDF file.


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